Convergence of Thought, Word and Deed

Did you know that I have 16 blogs? Not all of them are active, but they weigh heavily on me, when I go for long periods without writing. Not only do I write these blogs, I also write a company blog, which is stagnating too, at the moment. So much is. I need to get moving.

Moving…I am moving house, in two days’ time. I have very little to pack, yet the thought of it fills me with the same sort of fear I used to feel waiting for my drug dealer. I just want it to be over, and done with.

Moving…momentum is needed, to keep my healing journey on track, and it too has stagnated, following the recent reappearance of Cris and his wife, in my life, recently. This brought on my a heaviness, as I have amends to make, to both of them, and this will be ongoing. Look, by all accounts, they are no angels, and have their own sins to confess in their own forums – but this is not the place for it, this is not their story, it is mine, and it is guided by my newly adopted principles of truth, honesty, confession and accountability. These are hard to embrace, if you’re not honest with yourself, first. I also am not about writing them off as human beings, or damaging them, here. They have suffered enough damage at their own hands, and all three of us, at each other’s… I had to say goodbye to them both, because there is no space in my life for either of them, right now, for reasons that I feel very strongly about and which I will explore in a new blog post, soon. Forgiveness? Why, I have nothing to forgive them for, and I do not need their forgiveness, I need only to make amends, and to heal. THAT is my only duty, and the source of my momentum. Now that I have said goodbye to them, I can move on…

Moving…I am moving my blogs, all 16, to one site. You can follow the merge, as it happens over a the course of a few weeks, as there are several hundred blogs to re-post. The URL is and of course, what better title for the home of my new blogs, than my nom de plume, of Bloggsy Malone.

I’m moving on.

Bloggsy Malone: the new home for my Life2.0 stories.

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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