Day #225 – Many Lives, One Master

Revelations of a wonderful nature: I am an addict, here the ROAR of my recovery!
Revelations of a wonderful nature: I am an addict, here the ROAR of my recovery!




That amazing woman I had a drink with on the 19th of October lent me Dr. Brian Weiss’ book ‘Many Lives, Many Masters‘. It came up in discussion on that beautiful, fateful day, as we sat in awe, discovering the amazing synchronicity of our very different lives, and I have been reading it every day since I got it, sometimes reading the same page or passage over and over again – at other times, a single line will stop me dead and I will text like a mad thing, trying to get the million revelations in my head into one text message. My sister has been reading it too, now, downloaded to her Kindle over in Dubai. It’s a simple book, and an easy read, yet the impact cannot be greater if it were an instruction manual of how to truly operate this machine called ‘Dave Luis’.

It is affirmed then, that there is plan, and order, and the higher power is within me as much as it surrounds me, and leads me ever onwards.

If you are reading this then let me confess this truth to you: the grand plan of this life always meant that I was going to be a drug addict for 18 years, so that I could get to this point, this revelation: this journey in this lifetime, is to tell my story openly and without shame so that others can learn, get hope and get help for their addictions.  I had this thought when I was on a family holiday, earlier this year, the first sober one I have had in 18 years. It was reaffirmed when Alan responded to an email of mine, after that holiday, saying he believed the point of my story was the story and its telling. Now this book again brings me to that conclusion.

I do not regret my addiction, only the necessary pain I caused.

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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