Day #236 – You Don’t Have The Right To Be Unhappy!

Always look on the bright side...
Always look on the bright side…



Jonty Langley has cancer. He wrote a post about it. Jonty and I were at school together, and we both joined the school fencing club. We lost touch after school, and he lives in the UK now. I keep up with Jonty via Facebook, and his various online articles he reads. Jonty is a profoundly intelligent and spiritual man. He is also rock god and a DJ. So many things. He is becoming a cancer survivor, now. That will be a new moniker, among his many.

Today, I read Jonty’s post, about his cancer, and I laughed and laughed and laughed until suddenly, I was crying. Crying with rage, because good people like Jonty, and my sister, and my uncle shouldn’t get cancer. Cancer should be reserved for those who have an epic failure of spirit and vitality. Cancer should be reserved for those without any hope in their soul. But it doesn’t work like that. Good people get struck down with cancer too, and then they get up and they write about it, and they teach us all what humility feels like. They teach us all that you don’t have the right to be unhappy; that unhappiness is an arrogance too far. They teach us that fear is natural, and fear can consume you, if you let it. And then they show us how they simply consumed that fear with their faith.

It has been 236 days since I got wasted on drink and drugs. I am reminded today why I am counting those days, and why I keep fighting.

Godspeed, Jonty. I am humbled by your journey.

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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