Day #238 – 5 Loud People

Maru, Werner, Janette and I, waiting for Nataniël's show to start.
Maru, Werner, Janette and I, waiting for Nataniël’s show to start.



A day spent at the malls, in December, is pure madness. I get frustrated at the stop-start-walk-around-but-never-forward chaos in malls and big retail shops. I detest queuing, because it involves standing, waiting, doing nothing…a frustration of activity, held at bay. I react angrily, trying to navigate the malls when whole families are loping along in retarded herds, and their arrogance at blocking the entire pathway as they stand and stare in the shop windows is mirrored in my arrogance at questioning why the entire family – including granny, gandpa and all seven unruly, screaming children have be dragged along in the mall. AAAARGH! I can’t handle it!

It is exhausting, and when Janette and I reach home, I must retreat to my room and recharge my batteries.

Maru arrives, we pack a picnic basket, and head off to a show, by Nataniël, called ‘5 Loud People’. The four of us are sat on a neatly trimmed lawn at dusk, with families all round us, enjoying the coolness in the air at the sunset, waiting for the show. Nataniël is a comic force to be reckoned with, his dry wit entertaining South African audiences for a number of years now. We wait patiently for the show to start.

It is the perfect way to end the day – laughing fit to be tied, as we take in the droll stories Nataniël shares, and sway to the songs he sings. December’s bruise is less painful now, and I enjoy myself, sharing this moment with friends, in laughter.

Life2.0 is happening.

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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