Day # 240 – R.I.P. Addiction!

Going, going...
Going, going…



Today, a number of colleagues said goodbye as they took leave of the company, following a strategic restructure. A number of these were friends. That means, of course, I will still be seeing them, just not at the office. But still, saying goodbye is painful, uncomfortable and sad.

In years gone by, I would kill the emotive forces of a day like today with enough cocaine to fell a brace of Hollywood heavyweights. Today, I forced myself to engage, to meet the eyes and shake the hands, to hug goodbyes and feel the pain of separation. Life is all about feeling, and experience, and emotion, and sometimes, none of these feel good, and they hurt – and that’s OK, because we DO get through it – we live to see another day.

I have been clean for eight months, today, and it feels like today I nailed another nail in the coffin of my addiction.

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.


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