She asked, “What keeps you tethered to your life?” I am not sure.

What keeps you tethered to your life?. Journalist adventurer Sarah Britten asked this question, after some deep revelations about her own life. At this very point in time, I am about to email my family and ask them to remind me why I am doing this journey. It’s not an attention thing – I need a little help here…I am lonely, and this time of year is not one I relish. More and more this journey feels like it is for other people – which is fine, because it should be a story which can help anyone in my situation – but it feels very much like what I want is being excluded. It’s fair to say that’s all bullshit, but still…I feel it.

Right now I am tethered to my own life by other people, but I don’t feel that in any way am I tethered to life…to MY life, by myself.

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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