Day #253 – December Sentiments.

All is not calm, if you scratch beneath the surface...
All is not calm, if you scratch beneath the surface…


Dawn, on the beach, just to get out of the madness, and the solitude, and the loneliness. The beach is very busy, at 6:24am, and there is a warm breeze blowing.

The sea water is warm, too, as the waves wash over my feet, I stand for a moment and feel the water come, wash, swirl, and pull away – time and again, wave washes over, tides pulls out…I don’t know how long I stand there, or why…but I think of Jesus, having his feet washed, and wonder if He felt as disconnected, but introspective, as His feet were washed, as I do now, with mine sinking into the sand. This isn’t real, this feeling of sand beneath my feet, water swirling around my ankles…it can only be real if I can capture it, for my blog. Do I only exist to feed the bog? Am I denied real human interaction by my own ‘me’-ness? I am starting to think so, but it is probably just a product of the loneliness I feel at this time of year.


That must be it.

I hate December.

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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