Day #255 – Christmas Day

Friends and family. Today the focus is on 'us' rather than on 'me', and it is good.
Friends and family. Today the focus is on ‘us’ rather than on ‘me’, and it is good.


Christmas, and I have gone for 255 days without drugs, or alcohol.

It’s a significant milestone – it is the longest period I have been clean, in over 19 years; it is my first sober Christmas in over 19 years, and it is the first Christmas I have spent wanting to be around other people.

My ex-sister-in-law, Lize-Marie, was absolutely brilliant, in insisting I share the day with her family, and extended family. Lize-Marie and Jeff, and my niece and nephew treat me like I am still family. Well, I am, to my niece and nephew, of course – but there is a strong bond, with Lize-Marie and Jeff, and though we don’t visit regularly, when we do see each other, it’s like no time has passed since the last visit. I like them, I like being around them, and their friends Jacques and Susan, and their kids.

When I used to stay with LM and J, when I first moved down here, we used to joke that their street was very much like Wisteria Lane, on Desperate Housewives – everyone knew everyone one else, and each family’s hoe was open to all the others – here is a group of people, who – in a time when we build taller walls, and lock the world out, have turned their entire street into a family den.

Today was good. I spoke to James, up at Singita, and shared my thoughts with him that this is a time of year when we really should be with family; being away or being alone is wrong. Over and above the commercialised rubbish that Christmas has become, I sense for the first time EVER, in my life, that this is a day to share with family, and friends who are as close as family.

Thank you, for sharing your day with me. It felt good to be out, and with other people, to be connected, to be loved.

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.


  1. For this experience I am glad! That you were able to experience love; family; laughter & sharing on the day that we celebrate God’s greatest gift to us humans….Life through His Son! Merry Christmas Dave!

    1. And to you! Hope yours was filled with all the love and laughter that He has to offer! (Actually, if I know you, I know your day was special!)

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