Day #257 – Experience / Act / Share

Thoughts come at lightning speed...
Thoughts come at lightning speed…

The picture says it all – obviously, because I wrote that to photograph it for today’s posting.

I realise that my self-imposed reclusive behaviour is not unproductive, because I am reading an amazing book, that gives me many insights, and I am thinking about all this, and the way forward. But these thoughts and insights, are as meaningless as words, when no action is taken as a result.

Of course, I blame the money situation, saying “I don’t have money to go out, to spend time with friends – there isn’t enough petrol in the car” – but that is an excuse, and I can invite friends here, and I can take a walk, and I can speak to whoever I meet on that walk.

But I prefer to remain alone, and then curse the loneliness. It is madness! And it is the first time I am having this revelation, as I type it out here…I feel foolish…because this loneliness is no one’s fault but my own, and no one but I can fix it…

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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