Day #258 – Remembering Dad

George Charles Luis Snr. 1931/11/23 - 1987/12/28
George Charles Luis Snr. 1931/11/23 – 1987/12/28



I remember you, Dad. I remember you well. You always had a smile, and always had time for me. There were hugs – more hugs than I could possibly know what to do with – and when the world was a horrible place, with sharp edges, and dark nights, your arms held all that at bay, and made the world a warm, comfy place full of love.

I remember the day Aunty Zanne told me you and Mom were getting a divorce – my world fell apart, but together, we all put it back together again – that’s how powerful you were, you and Mom, making sure that the world was still safe, and full of love.

I remember the day Uncle Tony called, to say you died, while on holiday in the Drakensberg. The pain was too much, and I shut it out after an hour or so, and I promised to never to let the pain of loss touch me again. Of course I was wrong, because Mom died too, years later. But Aunty Lynne was still there, and she told me all the things I needed to hear, to remember you, because I had shut you out. Then she died too…I;m getting good at saying goodbye, aren’t I, Dad? I’ve learned, since that first goodbye…I can handle it better, now.

I remember you coming to my boarding school, with bags of treats, and lots of hugs, which the matrons never gave.

I remember when you used to sit on my bed, and read me stories from Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Just So Stories’…I still have that book. It’s like having you on call, day and night.

I remember you, Dad, you were the most gentle, loving, generous and amazing man, and I miss you.

Dad, it’s bee n25 years since you left, and I am only just finding out who I am, at age 38.

Do you remember me? Do you know me?

I am your son, David. I remember, that, now…

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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