Day #259 – The Best Year Yet…?

Let's get all Tina Turner here, and say that was "Simply the best!"
Let’s get all Tina Turner here, and say that was “Simply the best!”


It’s not time to write about the year that was, yet…there are still two days in it, and so much can happen in that time. But it is still fair to say that this has been the best year of my life, so far, and that even takes into account 1995, which was a bloody amazing year, right before I started using drugs.

1995 was a pivotal year, a watershed year, so maybe I’ll just touch on that year, and on Monday, I’ll review the amazing year that was 2012.

In 1995, I changed degrees again. I was fencing my heart out, and reaping the rewards. I was selected to represent South Africa at the African Fencing Championships, where I placed 6th, individually, and as part of the national team, we won the silver medal. I realised then that fencing at the Olympics would never happen, with that, my fencing career ended, followed swiftly by my relationship. Funny, now, to think that my criticism of his drinking is what helped end our relationship, and I ended up the addict.

Well, he died, years later, but I was too lost in a world of drugs to feel that.

1995 started off on a high, and ended with the introduction to the dark side of life, that would eventually lead me here, to 2012, where the year started out in chaos, drugs, and despair, but has soared beyond all my expectations and all my hopes, to be the best year of my life. Yes, there have been painful moments and loss, this year, but it has been a good one…the best, in fact.

I am grateful, and moving on.

© Dave Luis 2012. All rights Reserved.

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