Day #266 – ACTION Hero!

Action = Rewards, right?
Action = Rewards, right?



Last year a lot of things happened, eventually, and it was an amazing year – but I did spend a lot of time, sitting, and thinking and writing, when I should have been out there, DOING!

In Thursday’s post I promised to make 2013 more about action, than words, and today, had a meeting for a little side project that will hopefully grow legs, and bring some extra income in (let’s face it – I don’t have a pension, I cashed it in, and gave it all to Cris, so now that I intend to live, I better ensure there’s money when I retire!)

It’s the first of two (great?) ideas I have. So, Universe, I’m throwing it out to you – I’m ACTING on my words, and I am entrusting myself and my wellbeing and my success to you: I’ll do the hard work, you deliver the results.


© Dave Luis 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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