Day #267 – Share The Love!

It's not easy, but it IS simple...
It’s not easy, but it IS simple…



Today I took a friend for his first Narcotics Anonymous meeting. I was worried that he wouldn’t show up, remembered how when I agreed to go the first time, that it took several attempts before I walked into that hall, and took my place, ready for a new life. But he did good, he showed up, and we made it on time.

Today, my friend sat next to me at his first meeting, listening to Step 1, and began his journey back to life, and I was honoured, humbled, inspired – bowled over – to have been there with him. Why? Because this thing, this amazing recovery thing – is so amazing to share, and I felt such excitement, to see someone accepting a new, healthier life, for themselves, and so excited to be part of it. I’m going to be there as he progresses, at each revelation, at each new milestone won – and I can already feel the excitement for myself, because it will remind me of how good I felt as I had those same revelations, same milestones for the first time. Of course, I will also be there when it goes rough – because although the hardest part of the journey – going to your first meeting – is now over, there are some tough days ahead. I am not going to be there just for the great days, but for the tough ones, too…because getting involved, and doing some good is part of MY recovery, too.

Friend, (who shall remain nameless, because it is Narcotics ANONYMOUS, after all!) you are not alone on this journey, we are in this together. Wise words shared by another friend of mine, when I just started out, nearly nine months ago.

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  1. I think the greatest thing anybody can ask for is having somebody there. Its tough to reach out for help. Especially if following society norm which preaches male independence and bravery. To this friend I say well done for taking the first step, well done for realizing you had a support structure in place to help you get this far. The journey ahead from following Dave on his journey is a hard one but with support, a good sponsor I trust you’ll reach your healthier life. Godspeed!

    1. Thanks, Ryan. He is far braver than I, he put the brakes on not when society forced him to, like it did me, but when he saw the dangers to himself and those he loved were so great. I really take my hat off to him.

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