Day #269 – Not A Super Hero!



The accursed eye infection I’ve been battling and scaring children and grown-ups alike with since Christmas won’t go away. A Google search revealed it may be an STD, and this – and word from the top – sent me to the ophthalmologist. *Phew!* Not an STD – though there was a very good chance it could have been, given my December Casanova behaviour, and I was worried that quite apart from being the poster child for addiction and what it costs, that I might actually go blind from having too much sex…the thought still cools the fire in my loins…

But this behaviour – this not going to doctors and thinking I will magically heal myself…it’s a problem. Against all the odds, I’ve managed to pull a miracle out the hat, with my meth-and-lots-of-other-drugs addiction, but some things just need the medical attention, and I am loathe to go to the doctor, because I feel like it’s giving in, like admitting I am getting old, or that my apathy towards my health has had an effect, and a bad one.

Melodramatics aside, the ophthalmologist warned that I’d left it very late and that I could have gone blind. Jesus, Dave – wake the fuck up and start realising that ‘healing’ is not just about stopping the drugs!

Must stop wearing undies over my jeans...
Must stop wearing undies over my jeans…

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  1. One of the things I spent doing over the holiday was watching a documentary of STIs in the UK and was that ever a wake up call! So muchly relieved it wasnt something like that.

    Theres one thing a person should never play with and that is eyes. Goodness Dave how on earth would you go into a club a look-drool over the flesh on show in the clubs? How on earth would you watch those movies nobody speaks about in the light of day but soooo pleasurably enjoy at a low volume at night? Sound alone does not a happy ending make lol… Glad you got it treated though and yes let this be a lesson dammit! We have a date for month-end sir and being sore-eyed would not have been as sexy as leather and whips 😛

  2. I cringed reading you slacking on eye care. Meh. And yes, I have picked up STDs in the eye, once with no symptoms to the patient. Syphillis in that case. That was an awkward conversation.

    1. LOL I imagine! I was horrified that mine might be, so glad it isn’t, but still…need to invoke the self-nurturer more often for myself!

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