Day #270 – It’s A Life!

What? No spotlight? Ok, then.
What? No spotlight? Ok, then.


Conception. Development. Growth. Labour. Delivery – CONGRATULATIONS, MR. LUIS! IT’S A LIFE!

My ninth clean month milestone came and went with none of the fanfare that marked my 101 days or 6th month milestones.

And I’m OK with that.

© Dave Luis 2013. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Does this mean you cautiously looking forward the year milestone? I know this is a journey taken day at a time and not creeping too much into the future… But does one reach a stage where you can actually set goals and look forward to them or is that bad way of doing things?

    Awesome stuff Dave on 9 months you have beaten the odds thus far sir. Here’es to 10, 11 and definitely 12 months! Looking forward to reading more of this journey as you progress.

    1. I can only do this journey by setting goals for the future – just sometimes have to realise that the future is quite often limited by the chemical craving and the healing journey to “just for today”. If I go day by day, then suddenly, forever doesn’t seem such a big thing – unmanageable and unobtainable. Other things not related to the addiction of course, those can come with a much more far-reaching goal setting plan.

  2. 9months later and you’ve been birthed into the life less ordinary! You are uniquely positioned my friend. It’s not the 9mths that’s an achievement – it’s every single cleandaze day!! **hugs**

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