Day #272 – No Party For Losers.

No party 2457120856_0a46a1efcf


Werner’s birthday. My housemate celebrated with a big night out, but I stayed home. Bad eyes and no budget grounding my social plans. Sarah was right when she said that my curing my addiction to drugs was successful, but so much else needs work…like my attention to myself, like my attention to my finances. These times make me feel like such a loser. Maybe I am? Hmm…no…that doesn’t seem right…but…

I still have so far to go. So much work to do.

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    1. True. I just find it hard, sometimes, to always be in a state of learning. I think “When will it EVER be enough?” – it’s a laziness of spirit, and that’s poison!

  1. I think everybody lack so in certain aspects of their lives.Some put it out there for the world to see, whether it is be lavish spending, drugs or whatever. We can but only take on a few battles at a time and one never steps learning… the moment you stop learning you are dead.

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