Day #277 – Sensitivities

Miss(ter) Understood!
Miss(ter) Understood!


A short text conversation leads to a massive flare in temper and noses all out of joint.  It’s not been more than a month since my last text-based misunderstanding and emotional blow-up, yet I did it again. Admittedly this one was handled far better – collateral damage held to the minimum and through at least one of us (though that one was NOT me!) keeping a measured head about things, order was restored within a few hours.

What makes it so frustrating is that I teach business communications and specifically talk about tone in text, in my presentations. Yet time and again, I myself misread it and explode. So I know what I am talking about, when I say tone can so easily be misconstrued, and invariably someone will be offended.

Tempestuous outbursts are one of the less favourable aspects of my life. Since I was a child, my tantrums have been legendary. I take offence so easily, and go all out in retaliation, like some arrogant Mafiosi who thinks himself slighted. I get frustrated when I am misunderstood and write the guilty party off as a moron of the very worst kind.

These are all because I am impatient and intolerant; I know that growing – healing – maturing – can only happen if I work on these. I know these are issues, but just knowing is not enough. There are the small wins when I can quickly bring my temper under control; but these are offset when I go into full meltdown mode.

Much growing up to do!

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