Day #282 – Teamwork

Could the best part of today be the boss' doodle...?
Could the best part of today be the boss’ doodle…?



A day filled with meetings is usually a horror-fest, and means you’re going to fall behind on deadlines and though the latter part of that statement is now true, what an epic day I’ve had! I’ve sat in two long meetings today, taking up a big chunk of my day, but have come out of both feeling HUGELY inspired, motivated, and just so amped to be on this incredible team of people.

It would be so easy to sit there and feel overwhelmed by what I am fast coming to term ‘the brains trust’ of our company, and there are days when I think to myself “Fuck! What am I doing here?” but I know now that I am very much part of that team, part of that epic magic that is going to take this company onto new heights.

And I’m ready for it…

© Dave Luis 2013. All Rights Reserved.

(image © Vincent Maher)

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