Day #284 – Electric

The office, minutes before we took the app live today...
The office, minutes before we took the app live today…



The atmosphere at the office is electric, you sense that something great is happening. Our team of devs has just updated our core product, and are in the final phases of testing. I’ve written blogs, product descriptions, briefed graphics, drafted Tweets and Facebook updates, done screen shots, written an update to the team, to congratulate the team of seven super-devs who did the awesome work. They are heroes to us all, here at Mxit.

Today has ended on a high – a great, natural high. Fuck. I haven’t felt this good for a long time – not quite ecstatic, but almost euphoric…and I feel it’s the start of something good. The recent reshuffle at the office has given us more purpose, the new layout with the full team downstairs makes for better, more instant connections. The vibe is frenetic, the energy is amazing – it reminds me so much of the university sports tours, and the 1995 African Fencing Championships – when I was part of a powerful, amazing, winning team. That feeling is back…we’re onto something great, here.


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