Day #286 – Forgiveness and Friendship

Today, I learned that I can beat the past...
Today, I learned that I can beat the past…



I spent all day, Thursday, checking my inbox, waiting for that one email. By late afternoon, I steeled myself in acceptance that maybe Cris wouldn’t want to hear from me, despite contacting me in October.

Well, I couldn’t wait, for Cris’ email response. Late Thursday evening, on the way to do grocery shopping I put in a phone call to him.  No answer. *sigh* OK, I get the message. But then as I was pushing the trolley down aisles, the phone rang – Cris was calling back. It’s not the kind of conversation you want to have, waiting to pay for your toiletries and tuna steak, so I said I’d call him back, left half the list unshopped, and rushed out to the car, where I called back. Cris hadn’t read my email yet, so I went through it with him over the phone…waited for him to respond…

He did it with a quiet chuckle. And then we both broke out into the massive laughter that I have missed for more than a year, now, and spoke to each other for an hour*, it felt, catching up, talking, connecting.

Today, Cris sent an email back to me, containing these powerful words: “So, the long and short of it is that whether or not you need me to say it, I forgive you! So deal with it!”

Today, I feel like i can conquer the world – I feel like I have faced the biggest challenge of my life, met it head on, and emerged victorious, unbeatable.

© Dave Luis 2013. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Is it just me or does this entry seem incomplete or was that the intent? For a moment you’re yearned for and secretly orwell not so secretly wanted I expected more. Ahhh yes unblogged Dave *smiles* I’ll say it again – I’m super excited for you and would love to read or hear how this is going for you.

    1. Yup, intended..don’t want to ruin a good thing as I am still trying to re-establish the connection, by talking about it openly just yet. Very perceptive, Mr. Miller!

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