Day #287 – Energise!

With Steffi (left) and Daniel (right)
With Steffi (left) and Daniel (right)



I’m not sure if it’s because it’s payday weekend, or because I am spending the day with good friends, or if it’s because Cris and I are talking, again, but today feels like it’s going to be a good day! A tattoo convention with Steffi, Danny, Lolly, Gavin, Phillip, Marc, Barnard and Alistair followed by lunch with Ryan, James, Mike, Carl and Gwen, and then off to boogie…well, maybe NOT the boogie, because the energy doesn’t last THAT long, when you go au naturel!

© Dave Luis 2013. All Rights Reserved.


  1. And Ryan was not the least impressed by the no boogie.. For this had been the second time that Dave has dumped him. After inviting him out for an evening of fun. So Ryan went home with his sexy outfit he had planned to wear that evening to the club and rather slept the night away.

    It needs to be said that Ryan was never upset or mad at Dave for making him come all the way to Cape Town and then go back home after drinks, because Ryan couldn’t thought supper would be best suited served by half-naked men with great bodies. Still Ryan was not mad for he knew such is the way of the youthfully challenged and after all Dave was such a great friend! How could Ryan be upset.

    The End.

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