Day #289 – Lads & Ladies Who Lunch

2013-01-28 12.21.25_Grunge



Despite a very busy day in the office, a bunch of us took the time to go try out a new restaurant in town, just up the road from the office.  Partly, this was because I have been inspired by a blog called 52 Brand New, where a family challenged themselves in 2012 to have 52 brand new experiences in a year. It seemed a daunting task, so I whittled it down a little to fit in with the things I love (or is that cheating?) and have said that in 2013, I need to eat in at least 12 new restaurants.

We chose OppiDorp in Stellenbosch, which was pleasant, and will – at some stage – get a blog post all of its very own.

The nice thing about today, though, was the connection between work friends about ordinary life. I had forgotten how much joy you can get out of sharing a simple meal with friends. These days are VASTLY different to the days of meth and destruction, holed up in my little cavern of chemical solitude.

© Dave Luis 2012.


  1. I love the phrase, “Lads & Ladies who lunch” . . . and I love that you’re trying new things!! 🙂 Great for you!

    1. Thanks for that! Yup, I used to have a dim view of being 38 (years before I actually TURNED 38!) and have an inkling that this might be staved off by trying new things.

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