Oreos & Cocaine…REALLY???

Whatever your poison. Whatever your demons. The control is yours, ironically, even when you have lost control. ASK FOR HELP!
Read Kenneth Justice’s blog. He knows what he’s talking about.

Culture Monk

let me think about it please

by Kenneth Justice

~This past week researchers released the findings of a new study; OREOS (the cookie) it turns out are every bit as addictive as cocaine!

Of course, anyone who has ever eaten those black and white cream filled cookies probably knows they can be lethal when it comes to the addictive scale. I suspect that if researchers wanted to continue their study they could find plenty of other white sugar based food products that would rival cocaine and heroin in addictive power…

The phenomena of a food types being addictive is not something new, at least not in my own experience. When I used to work at the rehab clinic I observed an entire host of addictions that aren’t classified in the medical journals;

—) People addicted to falling in love

—) People addicted to fast food

—) People addicted to abuse

There are all sorts of…

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