New home.

In 20 months in Stellenbosch, I have had three addresses. Four, if you count yesterday’s move.

I still have very little, materially speaking. But it is enough. Maybe a couch or a dining table would be nice, but I have enough, to enjoy a simple life.

What I DO have, that was lacking 20 months ago, is peace and serenity – not all the time, not by a long shot – but I do have it more often. And I have the tools to disarm the noise and disquiet that erupt in my head and soul from time to time.

Mostly, what I have now, that I lacked before, is a deep appreciation for the grace that bore out a realization that I DO have a future, and it is wholly defined by my actions and beliefs.

For THAT I am eternally grateful.

(c) Dave Luis 2013. All Rights Reserved.


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