Mass Love: This is PROPER Good!

Mass Love Prototype
Mass Love Prototype

I’m always chuffed when I see fellow Pretoria Boys High School old boys making good in the real world. There’s Elon Musk and John Smit who enjoy loads of international fame. And of course, there’s Oscar, famous now for all the wrong reasons. I was not at school with any of these so the ties are tenuous – we merely went to the same school. But David Beukes-King comes from MY era – we were on the school fencing team together, so I am even more chuffed that I know him, even though he is not as famous as Musk, Smit and Pistorius…yet!

David is a music producer and from the Facebook posts of his I’ve seen over the years, it’s clear he’s a successful one, working with international artists and producing a steady stream of “music, noise and other stuff.” Still, I’ve never really taken the chance to listen to anything he’s worked on, until now.

He recently posted on Facebook about the speed with which his new collaboration with Lauren Moore, Prototype by Mass Love, was pirated. It struck a chord, because I am all about free shit. I’m the guy who downloads the free stuff off SoundCloud and who loves copies of friends’ discs and downloads. (This admission will embarrass my brother George, who is anal about paying for music, whether it’s a CD or a web download etc and who won’t copy a disc for love or money.)

So, when the next call came, to help Mass Love back into the legit media space on the web (and diminish the number of pirated torrents a Google search returns) I thought perhaps I could help do some good, for David and Mass Love, and my download karma.

Reading Mass Love’s promo blurb on BandCamp, the tags describe the album as “cinematic electronic electropop synthpop Frisco” – so, immediately I am put in mind of Erasure and their very ’90s feel. This is a GOOD thing – I loved Erasure, when I was a younger person! I downloaded the album, and so began my journey through David and Lauren’s collaboration (they’ve never met in person, by the way – they connected via Reddit, and this album, Prototype, was inspired by “their mutual appreciation of Firefly, the greatest TV show ever made.“)

Firstly – WOW – you hear that someone is a music producer and that means squat, until you actually take in the aural construct they have put together – the only proper reaction is awe. Because that STUFF – that magic that reaches in through your ears and strokes your soul; that syncopating beauty – THAT was produced by a human. A human – that I went to school with! Cue the name-dropping!

And then there’s Lauren’s voice…both delicate and sublimely soulful, she lays down her lyrics and draws you in. There’s power there. It moves me.

Thirteen tracks in all, on Prototype – each a fantastic musical construct worthy of more words than mine, in praise (though to be fair, I am not a fan of the hip-hop slash rap style in one or two of the tracks, nevertheless, they are works of great craft and artifice, and worthy of your buying the Prototype album David and Lauren a.k.a. Mass Love have brought to life.

Get it now, on BandCamp: – for a nominal $10. You won’t be sorry – and then I can tell you: “Hey! I know the producer!”…because I’m shameless like that!

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  1. I want to vomit on my shoes when people gloat about individuals who attended the hallowed halls of this institution or that. The hideous smugness is emetic enough but the vacuous reasoning is worse. You cannot have it a la carte. If the institution claims to have played a part in the “success” of one person, it must do so for the outcome or lack of outcome in the life of everyone who passed through it.

    No, it is more likely that the “achievements” of Musk and Smit and anyone besides came about not because they went there but in spite of having gone there. Also let’s not forget that Boys High would not give Mark Fish the time of day when he was there with them, high on a hill and closer to Jesus. It’s a small fucken miracle that humanity is not extinct yet when “educational” institutions teach obedience to a monster in the sky instead of anything actually worth teaching, tout achievement in sport as a worthy pursuit and are lauded for it!

    1. “If the institution claims to have played a part in the “success” of one person, it must do so for the outcome or lack of outcome in the life of everyone who passed through it.”
      – concede this point fairly enough.

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