ribs and rump uaeThis one is ALL South African! By far the the most effusively friendly and welcoming team of any of the eateries I have been to can be found at Ribs and Rump in the Dubai Mall.

We popped in after our trip to the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa, so it was only fitting that I eat a tower of meat, right? It’s called the Impi Spear, and is almost as sensational as that spear painting of Zuma, that made headlines a couple of years ago.

This spear is cubes of the softest, juiciest rump and sirloin I have tasted in a looooong time – neatly skewered, marinated and served on a hanging stand. Quite impressive as it is served! I had mine with a spicy Mexican sauce, which is like the old fashioned South African monkey gland sauce, but with a serious set of balls and bite.

A real treat was when my nieces failed to finish the fries with their steaks, and dumped them all on my plate. I did the responsible thing, and smothered the pile of salty, crispy fries in the remaining spicy Mexican sauce, and added what was left of their cheese and creamy garlic sauces – oomph! It’s QUITE possible I made loud grunting noises of DEEP food appreciation, totally embarrassing my teenaged nieces at the same time. C’est la vie!

A regular feature on most restaurant menus in Dubai is the cold lemon and mint juice, and each eatery has their own particular twist in its preparation. Some pull it off well, and some don’t – according to your personal taste, obviously. The Ribs and Rump version is a sweet, refreshing mix of lemon, mint and lemonade – of all the versions I’ve tried (not many, but enough to form a definite bias) this one is my absolute fav, and required my drinking three glasses to establish quite firmly this fact. Yum! Do it. Seriously.

When you’re at Ribs and Rump, remember to take a look at the back of the menu – they obviously have a good sense of humour when it comes to how patrons ask for their meat to be cooked. The menu provides all the basic levels of ‘done-ness’, from ‘Blue’ through to ‘Well done’, along with a short description, which lets those of you who eat your meat medium well or well done know that in the chef’s opinion, you need your head read. Still, destroyed as they consider well done meat to be, they endeavour to provide it just as you like it!

Ribs and Rump deserves several return visits. It was definitely a highlight of my food adventure in Dubai.

Ribs and Rump

Dubai Mall, above the ice-skating rink

© Dave Luis 2014. All rights Reserved.


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