photo 2-3In between her hectic school runs and running the household, my sister likes to have coffee, with friends. In six years in Dubai, she’s really gotten to know where to go for a good caffè latte – so it was I discovered Shakespeare & Co.

We visited two branches and the coffee shops are exceedingly ‘pretty’ – lots of effort has gone into prettifying the walls, ceilings, drapes, tables and chairs – it’s a very girly-girl sort of place. The Cape Quarter queers will *simply* DIE from prettiness overload. Seriously. All pink sponge-painted walls, distressed wood picture frames and intricate artwork litter the shops. All very pretty.

Caffè lattes duly ordered, we went to examine the confectionery display – everything is made fresh and wholly deserving of the title of ‘food porn’, displayed as it is row upon row of sweet, devilish temptation.

Being me, I had to have the bright orange chocolate gâteau – it was nice, but not as nice as the Paris-Brest my niece had. It’s essentially a fancy, light pastry doughnut, filled with whipped cream. I was rather upset at having not made the right choice, and had to console myself in a fresh pink lemonade. You know, proper-like.

On a later visit to the Dubai Marina branch, I tried the Mille Feuille – a vanilla custard slice, with thin layers of light pastry, dusted with snow sugar.  It’s the sort of thing that brings on the foodie sigh of happiness, contentment and wellbeing. A second slice is never a bad thing!

© Dave Luis 2014. All Rights Reserved.



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