Everyone else is writing a book…so why can’t I?

All my friends are writing books. ALL of them. Or so it seems. And they seem to be churning out the chapters like it’s nobody’s business. So why can’t I?

I mean, I’ve had the title picked out for over TWO years already! And I have started the book EIGHT times…EIGHT! But it seems, just as I get into the first chapter, Life throws a new revelation at me; the Universe adds another epiphany to the already-impressive collection of universal epiphanies it has given me so far. And with that, the book changes, instantly, and what I have written is out of date; obtuse and without foundation.

A lot like I was, for many years. Too many years.

Look – I respect that many of the great artists died penniless; their art largely unrecognised for its greatness. This is not the route I want to take.

I’ve tried living as a penniless pauper – and it’s not great. I want to write books that themselves will write me cheques. Large ones. You may scoff and pour scorn on that ambition; denouncing commercial success as undermining the brilliance and intent of the art of writing, but then, I doubt you are in business for altruistic reasons, yourself.

I just want it known, that I want to write not just one book – but many! Hundreds! And I want the books to pay the bills, and more.

So why can’t I?

© Dave Luis 2014. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I have 4 novels in different beginning stages and I get you completely. My heart says write, the words are there. My head says “stop being an idiot”. I need to eat. Nuff said.

  2. Well now. If you want to write hundreds, you’d better start with number one. That means the first word of the first page of the first chapter. Just start. And word by word you build on that foundation.

      1. Thats what we call a first draft. The motto is ‘dont get it right, get it written’. Thne you put it in a drawer for at least a month, and then you start the first of many rewrites, which is why writing is called a craft.

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