Milking the creative juices

The words are flowing again – but can I change their flavour?

I’m glad my creative writing juices are flowing, again. I’ve had a bit of a dry spell, of late and it’s a relief to see the words pouring onto the page with ease, again.

The only thing is, the words have been very dark. Depressing. They have been the words of my 1:30am mind and this is never a good thing. 1:30am is dark in every sense of the word. The last piece, in fact was SO dark I was worried that I would get numerous phone calls and suicide interventions when I posted it. But my good friend Cath wrote me a beautiful letter of empathy and compassion and encouraged me to post, no matter how dark. So I did. And I tried as best I could to wrap that piece up with a positive, firm resolve. I am a little ambivalent about whether I conveyed that resolve well, or not.

My challenge, then, is to write at any other time than 01:30am, and see if this changes the tone of my post. You’ll have to gauge for yourself if there is a real difference. I have reservations. Still, it’s a start.

I went down to the beach, to write from the place where I capture so many uniquely identical* sunset images that flood my social media pages. Sunset on the beach inspires me; its incarnadine repetitions give me hope and calm my spirit. It should be the perfect place to elevate the mood, I thought. But it was cold and windy and typing my blog on an iPhone in these conditions lead to the sort of words being uttered that Hollywood would have us believe Tourette’s sufferers ejaculate at inopportune moments. The beach is not a great place to write from.

So I am back where I wrote the previous, darker pieces from – only earlier in the evening. My mind is distracted with the momentum of the work day, and the happy facsimile that masks the rictus I turn to life reveals itself in the overly contrived jollities parading in this post’s opening lines.

Still. It’s a start…isn’t it?

*Oxymorons. Don’t you just love to hate them..?

© Dave Luis 2014. All Rights Reserved.


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