Yes, it’s true I was a 40-year-old Dim Sum virgin, despite my claims of being an adventurous eater. Thankfully, Anita’s birthday at Cape Town’s Beijing Opera put an end to my Dim Sum-less ways.

Beijing Opera is a tiny eatery with two large tables that each seat around 10 people, and a counter at the window seating another 4 – and they don’t take bookings, so you have to get there early to be assured of a table.

Anita did the ordering for us – a lavish 5 course meal that was nothing short of spectacular. My tastebuds were well and truly toyed with, poked, stroked and seduced by the flavours, spices and textures.

We kicked off with pork potstickers with a tangy soy dip. Soft and juicy parcels of meat wrapped in a thin pastry, with a tangy sauce? Heaven! This was followed by steamed prawn gao – crunchy, gorgeous, fresh seafood is always a hit for me, and with that soy for added zing – “insane levels of nom!” as my friend Kate would say. The 3rd course was wonton soup with fresh chillies – it was at this point I stopped talking and beamed pure reverence at the food laid out in front of me. If you are not an emotional eater, that will change with Beijing Opera’s wonton soup. I promise. Another round of steamed gao – pork this time – and then it was time for the dessert: sticky custard buns with deep fried chocolate – this course was so good, I completely forgot to photograph it, nearly destroying my Instagram cred in the process!

All round, a great meal – I am now a huge fan of Beijing Opera and a little peeved it took me forty years to experience Dim Sum! Also – I tried Blueberry Aloe Vera juice for the first time – it’s also something I can quite happily repeat.

Go. Try Beijing Opera. Your taste buds deserve it.

Address: 7 Rose Street, Cape Town
Tel: +27 21 418 1127


Top to bottom:
1. Blueberry Aloe Vera juice
2. Pork potstickers
3. Wonton soup with fresh chillies
4. Steamed prawn gao
5. Amazing friends – the perfect complement to any meal

© Dave Luis 2014. All Rights Reserved.


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