Meat Co., Madinat

photo 1-2Sitting on the deck at Meat Co. at The Madinat, in the shadow of the Burj at sunset I was not completely unaware of the ridiculous amount of food pleasure that was about to happen to me. Meat Co. is well-known in South Africa, the UK and the UAE and has won several awards. So I had the opposite of a sense of foreboding. An expectation of a delectable profusion of rich flavours, tastes and textures.

Right. enough of that sort of lofty writing – it doesn’t mean anything, except to word-nerds and the very worst of the food bloggers, so enthused by their own pomposity no one knows what they are really writing about.

Firstly, when you eat at the Madinat branch of the Meat Co. make sure you go at dusk, and reserve a table on the deck, on the water’s edge. It’s a prime viewing spot for the vivid light show put on by the Burj Al Arab.

There are fresh homemade breads with French butter, and a properly delicious range of appetizers to get your tastebuds warmed up, and I could write volumes on all of these, from the soft, tangy calamari to the crisp, crunchy vegetables – but that would distract me from talking about the main course.

The highly-marbled Wagyu steak is an emotional investment in a very private, very introspective exploration of self-indulgence. When that first smooth, tender and rich slice of beef hits your tongue, your world – your universe – suddenly shrinks to the tastes and textures that caress, intrigue and seduce you. It is emotional, as I said – there is no shame in weeping quietly into your napkin at the sheer beauty of this taste experience. You cry all you want to! Cry for all the years you waited before you tried this luxurious dish. Cry for the fact you cannot eat it every day. Cry for the miracle of sensual perfection that it is. Your tears can only add to the joy of Wagyu. Your tears mean that finally, your life has meaning, and Wagyu.

There are, of course, sublime desserts to round off this epicurean epiphany, but reverence dictates I leave you with just one word:


© Dave Luis 2014. All Rights Reserved.


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