David changed my world in 2005 when he took me to Yo! Sushi in Soho and taught me how to mix wasabi and soy and eat raw fish. I ate well, that night.

We’ll call that The First Supper, because it was so good – it was such a revelation, it was verging on spiritual.

I have been chasing that first sushi high ever since, and I think I may have found it, at The Orient at Eden on The Bay.

There is a proper rolling sushi belt and two Oriental chefs prepare your sushi and sashimi in front of you. If it was any fresher, I would have to resort to tired clichés describing this. It’s fresh. Trust me.

The wasabi comes in generous amounts and is replenished frequently because I am something of a wasabi monster. It burns in all the right places, unlike the sad green pile of nothingness that is passed off as wasabi at many grocery stores.

I’d love to tell you the names of the dishes I ate, but I’m going to play the age card to excuse my shoddy memory. There was a wasabi pastel. And some sashimi, as well as a crab and bean curd thingamajig. There were Peking Duck rolls and butterflies (a cucumber and prawn concoction) and Prawn Rolls Reloaded. There were also King Whatsits…or something.

But who needs names when ALL the dishes are so fantastically fresh and sublime, and in constant supply? Just eat them all! That’s what I did.

PS – the sushi is half price every day except Wednesday, when there is a buffet.

The Orient, Eden on The Bay
Tel: +27 21 554 4752
Web: http://www.edenonthebaymall.co.za/the-orient/

© Dave Luis 2014. All Rights Reserved


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