The MOST Luxurious Thing In ALL The World…

IMG_4819.JPGTwo weeks, and ALL the emotions – all the phases – have been run: fear, anger, insecurity, relief, happiness, and finally, serenity.

I heard rumours. They proved correct, and I was suddenly unemployed. Serenity stepped in and I was suddenly in a brand new job less than 24 hours later.

Add to this first-day jitters, dealing with change and a 50km journey to work and then again back home again, seasoned with early morning starts – I really know what good exhaustion feels like.

So tonight, I am wallowing in the most indulgent, MOST luxurious thing in the world: I’m in bed, carefree and fading into a warm, comfortable, dozy fug.

Right now, there’s no amount of excess or luxury that can top this feeling. G’night, all!

© Dave Luis 2014. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Yay for landing on your feet there! Always nice to have a fighter spirit and supportive network in times like these. They just help you not drown in the overwhelming of the moment and rather see the shit that will come along the way if you don’t fight.

    1. Precisely! So one of my goals in 2015 is to get more restful, undisturbed sleep…so that I can meet these challenges without having the exhaustion factor to contend with as well!

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