See a bit of Rob van Vuuren’s What What

Rob van Vuuren is Twakkie, of ‘Corné and Twakkie and The Most Amazing Show’ fame. He’s also a standup comedian and his latest show titled What What is on at the Baxter in Cape Town, until January 17, 2015.

Rob is phenomenally funny, with a gift for dance that levels up his physical theatre skills, to really bring his characters to life on the stage. Add to that a deft juggling of the panoply of not only South African but also global accents he incorporates into What What, and you’re sitting there, bent double in a non-stop laugh riot.

The show is a celebration of love, death, dance and koalas. What What is topical, introspective and self-deprecating – a solid mix to deliver solid comedy.

Without having to yell “Spoiler Alert!” or to try (and fail) to retell Rob’s jokes in this blog, I will tell you that a highlight of the show sees Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram locked in a room at the end of the world…and you’ll have to go see Rob in action at the Baxter to find out how that ends (hilariously).

Go see it. Seriously. And take some cash – Rob’s got some cracker What What tees you can buy after the show, at R200 each.

More info on What What.

PS! This is not a sponsored post.

(I shamelessly demanded a group selfie with Rob and DB afterwards)
(I shamelessly demanded a group selfie with Rob and DB afterwards)

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