Breakfast On The Run

My new job is 50km away, down a crowded stretch of highway. This means I cannot dawdle in the mornings and bacon and eggs is definitely not on the menu if I want to get on the road before the fustercluck that is the N2 morning traffic happens. You know – at a quarter to sparrow fart.

I get like this without breakfast...
I get like this without breakfast…

I am fairly keen on breakfast, though, and these days I find if I don’t eat something in the morning, then by 10:30am I start to resemble a ravenous cartoon character who sees only food everywhere he looks.

Granadilla pulp with double cream yoghurt = happy face

Enter this winning at life concoction, then: fresh granadilla pulp with double cream yoghurt. You can buy little pots of granadilla pulp from your local Woolies or Pick n Pay and just add two table spoons of yoghurt – and Bob’s your uncle!

It’s quick and easy – and no dishes afterwards, because you just toss the plastic pot in the recycling and be on your merry way.  It’s not too big and it’s healthy enough to please everyone except the most neurotic of dieters.

It’s tangy and sweet and creamy – you know – all the things that anyone who has even the vaguest idea of what it’s like to have an emotional response to food will understand. Plus, the healthy and portion control boxes are all ticked, so yes, I declare this breakfast on the run a proper winning at life idea!

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2 thoughts on “Breakfast On The Run

  1. Wow, sounds like wrote this one, except I do not have such a great command of the English language 😉 My emotional response to food is as intense if not more than my response used to be to meth! Therefore, double cream yoghurt and fresh berries are my go to for a sweet fix, definitely gonna try the granadilla tho x

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