You get sushi, and then you get Blue Waters Seafood & Sushi Restaurant. Phil and Grethe have been talking about Blue Waters for some time, so Maru and I decided at the end of our road trip to give it a bash.

Although I am a huge sushi fan, I am not au fait with all the names of the different types of rolls, roses and fashionable sandwiches – I know what I like and I like lots of it! Blue Waters has an extensive menu but it has no pictures for the sushi-illiterate like me. You either have to know what you want, or take pot luck and hope for the best.

Give me sashimi and anything with crispy prawn, wasabi and a choice of salmon or tuna, and I’m happy as the proverbial pig. What I wasn’t expecting was the SIZE of the sushi pieces – they are HUGE! We’d ordered salmon roses and MY GOD they’re huge! Positively indecent! You can’t help feeling that you’re auditioning for a very racy movie as you negotiate one of these giants into your face. Luckily they also have mini salmon roses on the menu, which we ordered the next time we were there. Much easier to deal with!

On the menu there are ‘jacked up’ versions of traditional sushi, like the Jacked Up Wasabi Parcels. Wasabi parcels, only with MORE, and bigger. They are incredible – and, unlike wasabi parcels I’ve eaten elsewhere, you can actually taste the wasabi in them.

Phil and Grethe ordered the party platter with extra sashimi. It’s bloody impressive, served as it is in a huge wooden boat. Maru and I concocted our own platter of 6 different types of sushi – and it was almost (but not quite!) too much to eat.

The only downside is that Blue Waters is not a cheap night out – if you enjoy your sushi, I guarantee you’re going to order a lot of it and the size of their portions means you can expect to pay a premium rate. This is no two-for-one sushi joint, this. Flipside of the coin? It’s worth it! You really walk away having eaten like a king. You won’t feel done in at the price you pay, that’s a promise!

Another point to note is that the wasabi is hot – not like the ridiculous excuse for wasabi you get served up at a supermarket sushi counter. Blue Waters has two seating options – you can choose to sit at a table or at the sushi bar itself, although there is no sushi belt, and the sushi is served by the waiters and not by the sushi chefs themselves. Pick a table – it’s more comfortable.

Tel: +27 21 852 8012

Address & Directions

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