And Now For Last Year’s Tired Old News…

Go F**k Yourself, Cape Town!” wrote Jade Mitchell in 2014. The next day, mysundaymorningpiss riposted with “A Capetonians (sic) response after being told to go fuck himself” At some point in the days following these infantile posts, someone from some little town somewhere wrote another blog post telling both cities to go fuck themselves. I’d look up the third post for a link if the whole thing wasn’t a tired, sorry affair. And now it’s started up on Twitter and Facebook again. Yawn.

Well done, 2015. It didn’t take long for the shiny hope of a new year to wear off and the small-minded prattling classes to wind up their rant boxes again.

Do you know what? No one CARES how much you hate Jozi or Cape Town. If you live in one, you probably have family or do business or go on holiday in the other. There are things about both that annoy you. There are things about both you love. We get it – it’s not breaking news. We really, really get it – because it’s just life.

If you’re still twarring over which city is more shit (shittier? shittiest?) then please take a moment to accept this award for your unoriginal drivel:

The sit the fuck down award

© Dave Luis 2015. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Give this ma a bells or a chair for being fucken on point!!

    If your life really is that boring that you have to worry yourself or feel the need to express yourself about who is shittiest than you may need help my friends.
    Whatever happened to live and let live. I am where I am because of whatever. I’m happy and you happy so we all happy – yay?

    But alas no, we need to pull stats and cross-reference all the latest crime reports in the world to prove the point that we superior for being here.

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