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Screenshot 4Brett wrote a post that struck a chord with me. In ‘Let There Be Good!‘ he talks about all the horror stories out there – Charlie, Boko, livestock being attacked at an accident scene – the list seems endless, and overwhelming. I agree. I cannot look at these stories anymore.

So just as Brett suggests, I’m making it a thing, now, to only share the good stories. You know the ones. The Zulu teacher at the traffic lights who was given a bursary. The South American airline who shut a Twitter user down after he made derogatory comments about their staff. Um…what else?

There are more good stories to share, I know it. But I can’t think of any because if I think of the headlines and the trending shares on social media, all I can picture is outrage upon horror upon racism upon sexism – and WE are all sharing that, fuelling the fire and amplifying the rage and anxiety and negativity.

I’m changing the way I share on social media. I’m only sharing the good stuff. I know it doesn’t make all the horror stories not happen, and you may think I am constructing a bubble of non-reality – but you’re wrong. The news sites will continue to capitalise on the sensationalism of the scandal, the criminal and the political. The positive stories I’ll share are real stories, too – not fairytales. They need to be heard, too. So I’ll put them out there.

Sure, it’s armchair activism – but it’s seeding a positive vibe – and we can ALL do with a big dose of that! So, why don’t you join me, and commit to at the very least NOT sharing the news of the atrocities that flood our Facebook walls and Twitter timelines.

Sow some happiness. Check out THIS site for good stories to share.

© Dave Luis 2015. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Dave, you deserve a handshake, at least, for daring to be different. I agree with you 100%. Having a positive attitude is major. Does that make sense to you? 🙂

  2. Agree!!! The more we focus on and share the positive, the more it positively affects our lives and in turn those around us. Not discounting the negative as it is reality too but no need to dwell and focus on the shit! Life is full of amazing people doing amazing things! I see it everyday in my work and it is so encouraging to see people making a difference.

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