Cape Town’s hipsters, pseudo- and sudo-hipsters* and Instagrammers alike have been punting Hudsons Burger Joint for a while now, so Ryan and I tried out the Somerset Road branch.

The menu boasts “the best Stealworks in town” – I’m not sure if that spelling is ironic or not, but I am pretty sure that although it’s a great steelworks, and a very large one, you can get bigger and more refreshing steelworks at Coco’s in Hermanus, and Driftwood in Langebaan. Technically those are not in town, so Hudsons still has a pretty good shot at that claim.

One thing that is immediately noticeable is that Hudsons’ menu is very well priced – the gourmet burgers run between R45 and R90 – though you do have to order your fries or salad extra, so if you build a lavish plate, expect to pay a premium.

Ryan opted for The Works, a gourmet burger on a fresh bun, topped with mustard, relish and cheddar cheese – it was a solid and juicy-looking affair. I didn’t have meal envy, though, because the BBQ ribs I ordered were such succulent, sweet chunks of absolute heaven. I always say that the sign of decent ribs is the huge basting mess made of a face – mine was proof positive I really enjoyed the ribs. I had to make an awkward dash to the bathroom to restore some civility to my appearance (note to Hudsons: wet towelettes and a few more serviettes would be a great standard on the table for folks ordering ribs!)

We discovered that Hudsons also has the MOST spectacular milkshake selection, from Nutella to Lindt brownie – but you can forget all about those; the ONLY milkshake you should have is the homemade fudge shake. It’s topped with sweet, soft crunchy fudge and has more of the same mixed into the thick, creamy vanilla ice cream. It easily rivals some of the sublime shakes on offer in Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s top notch eateries (which I consider the place good foodies go when they die…)

Hudsons is definitely worth many repeat visits, to explore their gorgeous menu. Go. Try it out. Your tummy will thank you with a flood of such good feeling and wellbeing that only great food can give!

For more info or to make a reservation, check out the Hudsons website. The chain recently opened in Johannesburg. Click here for the Hudsons menu.

© Dave Luis 2015. All Rights Reserved.


*sudo comprehend the pun


4 thoughts on “Hudsons’ Hype Is Spot On!

  1. Definitely was such an awesome experience, I mean Hudsons’ in general has a grand rep for their food but Somerset Road branch has to take the cake for being exceptional at delivering. It gets massively crowded later in the evening over weekends though – sure you can imagine why. Thanks Dave for one incredible meal of laughs and dirty face and beards lolz…. Worth a repeat again soonest right!

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