Join Me On An Energy Diet! #SmartCooking

#SmartCookingI’m being a lot smarter in the kitchen, starting now. I’m going on an energy diet.

I have staunchly resisted New Year’s resolutions again this year but that said, I’m looking at all sorts of little tips and tricks to just make life easier and better this year. My motivations?

  1. Reduce my bills.
  2. Do some good.


When it comes to environmental matters, I’m not a fan of trawling rivers and beaches myself, for discarded trash, or venturing off to the South Pole to count baby seals, so being smarter around the home and reducing my energy bills makes me feel good, plus I save money. That’s the “what’s in it for me?” sorted.

Food is a huge part of my life – anyone who knows me or who reads my blog will know that. I spend a lot of time in my tiny kitchen, whipping up lavish meals for one – and I usually make a HUGE mess and use all the pots and pans. Then I moan about the mess on, on Twitter, for hours afterwards. This is a great place to start making small changes that will improve my life.

Did you know that stoves can make up to 8% of your electricity bill? And I normally have three or four pots going at a time, plus a host of other kitchen appliances. For just little old me! That’s a bit excessive, and it kills my electricity bill.

So that’s why I’m putting my kitchen on an energy diet.

We’re all aware of the demand on our national electricity grid – so making small changes to reduce our own bills and help reduce the strain are just a practical, sensible way to go.

I’m watching – and learning from – Justin Bonello, as he takes us on a culinary tour to be more energy efficient in the kitchen and around the home. (Bonus – I’ve also entered the 6-ingredient, one-pot competition to prove myself here. And to win a R25 000 gas braai. Because I’m worth it.) I’m actually going to make and photograph the dish I submitted.

So watch this space to see how easy it is to explore simpler ways to live, eat and enjoy life. And save money, too! What’s not to like?

© Dave Luis 2015. All Rights Reserved.

I was prompted to write this as part of my effort to reduce my monthly bills and so I joined the #SmartCooking campaign as part of an energy efficiency drive. This is a sponsored post.


17 thoughts on “Join Me On An Energy Diet! #SmartCooking

      1. I know Mel has been doing some great stuff and taking pics – can’t wait to see what creative ideas she’s come up with.

  1. I’d LOVE to feature one of your recipes – will you consider it? I think necessity is the mother of beautiful invention – and knowing that my friends are already successfully implementing this simpler, smarter way to operate.

  2. Wonderful Dave! I already do most of my cooking as “one pot meals” due to the fact that I am lazy (helping the environment? BONUS!). I get bored easily with food so I need to keep being creative. One of my hot tips is that stuff like rice and pasta (NOT POTATO!) freeze really well. I make a ton all at once in my “witches’ pot” (it’s not really a cauldron, but def big enough for witchy stuff!) and then freeze it in meal sized portions. Another thing I do that saves me MUCHOS time and effort is to cook enough food for lunch the next day, or even to freeze – chicken a la king, stews, bolognaise – all freeze really well. I actually go as far as freezing the sauce with the starch (if Woolies can do it, why can’t I?). Then it’s just a matter of warming the food up – I let it defrost naturally overnight, then it needs even less “work” – or power from the grid.

  3. We’ve been on a bit of a health kick for a while and we’ve been eating a lot of soup. Tasty, nutritious and easy one-pot cooking. Ticks all the blocks for us!

  4. What a great challenge!! And excellent timing as people are trying to heal funds lost during the festive season. We’re on prepaid electricity so it would be fascinating to see the impact in almost realtime as opposed to waiting for the bill at the end of the month before patting yourself on the back. (Is my data geek showing?) Sign me up for the challenge 🙂

    1. Yes! It’s instant gratification on an energy level! I’m looking at other ways to save energy around the home too – this streamlined way of thinking can expand beyond the kitchen!

      1. Wonderful! I know the washing machine is another power hog, so it would be great to find out how to do laundry in a more energy-efficient way.

      2. Certainly the dryer is an almost unnecessary appliance for much of the South African year (barring rainy days of course!) – and I think we’re experiencing enough critical energy challenges to render the convenience argument moot.

  5. We very seldom use electricity in our kitchen. We LOVE our gas burners! I actually find when I’m at my folks’ house and need to use their electric stove I get irritated with how long the plates take to warm up, then cool down again! We once had a cat burn her paw walking over a stove plate we had used earlier, but was off. Do yourself a favour and buy gas. It’s SO much cheaper too!

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