In a recent medical check up, my doctor asked if I ate any green foods that weren’t jelly or cream soda. I couldn’t think of any, and I don’t like lying to my doctor.

I have decided that the next time he asks, I will answer him truthfully, and say “Yes!”

Here’s a list of 5 green foods you can enjoy, so that the next time your mother, doctor or significant other asks if you’re eating your greens, you can answer honestly:

1. Wasabi mustard: apply to lots of sushi, and enjoy! The tears that follow are mostly from the enjoyment, but also because HOT!
2. Blue cheese: it’s only CALLED blue cheese – look closely – that mould is actually green. (Fun fact: the fungus that creates blue cheese is not the same as the one that causes athlete’s foot, even though the cheese and the rotten foot smell the same. Now you know.)
3. Green macaroons. Because fun and pretty food should happen to you often. Although macaroons were invented in 791 AD, you should try ones that are a lot fresher than that.
4. Avocado. On everything. Including your face, if the beauty industry is to be believed.
5. Pistachio ice cream. What better way to end off your slightly odd but highly gratifying 5-course meal, than with creamy pistachio ice cream, sprinkled with chopped peppermint?

Enjoy while you can – because it’s only fair to mention that at some point someone will try to modify your menu (people can be nosy like that) and insist that your green foods should be leafy and branchy. Huh. No-good spoil-sports, the lot of ’em!

© Dave Luis 2015. All Rights Reserved.



14 thoughts on “5 Green Foods To Enjoy

    1. Yes. But the title says “5 Green Foods To Enjoy” – enjoy being the important bit, there.
      Also – you could have waited more than 5 minutes before doing the “leafy” and “branchy” dance, liefie! 😘

  1. I was a brussel sprout sceptic, as was brought up eating them boiled beyond recognition, ugh!!! However I have discovered a very yummy way of preparing them with two of my other favourites, bacon and butter, yummy!!!!

  2. There’s the odd lettuce and rocket I can add to my list. Which is surprisingly healthy, although I love to state that rocket is ‘white people’ food. <<_
    lol well that's about it, cray thought if I added green food colouring to my say french toast would that count too? o.O

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