Hot Nights, Cold Suppers – A #SmartCooking Win

How are your #SmartCooking efforts going? Have you noticed how simplifying has freed up your time, reduced your cleaning and your energy bills and started to make life a bit more easy? Here’s another way I have found to be smarter in the kitchen:

The long, hot summer days of early February make for a hot, sweaty kitchen. Not a place I want to be, despite my love of good food. On particularly hot nights, I really don’t want to sweat it out, slogging over a pot on the stove – so it makes perfect sense to have a cold supper.

cold cut platters are a #smartcooking winI put together a cold meat and cheese platter using Parma ham, salami, smoked beef, biltong, goats’ cheese, olives, grapes, and strawberries. It was quick, divine and there was a minimal mess to clean up – a single plate, a couple of knives and loads of crumbs because I am a Luis man-child, and we are messy eaters.

Most supermarkets have cold meat delis and these days many also have the fruit buffets, so if you’re making dinner for one or two, you can buy smaller amounts of all these ingredients, so that there is no wastage, and a low cost.

Making meaningful changes in your life takes only a little bit of effort and a little bit of creativity with a bit of momentum to turn these into healthy habits. My personal goals here are to cut my electricity usage (something we all need to be doing at the moment), reduce my monthly bills and still be enjoying life and good food. Simple and enjoyable – THAT is my life’s new tag line.

Smart cooking and the simpler life. What’s you excuse* NOT to try it out?

*That was a trick question – there are no excuses.

© Dave Luis 2015. All Rights Reserved.

I was prompted to write this as part of my effort to reduce my monthly bills and so I joined the #SmartCooking campaign as part of an energy efficiency drive. This is a sponsored post.


17 thoughts on “Hot Nights, Cold Suppers – A #SmartCooking Win

  1. I really love this one, love myself a good platter. I’d definitely add more cheese to mine and some of those crackers on the fridge for the carbo man inside me. Add something very cold and white to drink and bingo!

    Great article Dave and idea, now to go and get some ingredients for the weekend when power saving seems to be needed most!

      1. Right? How about a romantic sunset picnic on the beach – so much better than slaving away in the kitchen or doing what everybody else does – i.e. boring – let’s eat in a restaurant…

    1. Biltong is dried, cured meat – so raw beef is rolled in spices and salt and hung up to dry. It’s soft, spicy – a traditional South African snack!

  2. Being kinda hot here most of the time we really enjoy the cooler alternatives at the end of a long day. Simple salads with loads of feta, olives and bacon bits go down really well. If there’s still room after, a simple fruit salad with a dollop of ice-cream or Greek yoghurt finishes off the meal in just the right way.

  3. Yum! Love platter foods in summer. I find myself making a lot of salad and wholesome sandwiches during February. These meals are pretty forgiving when it comes to ingredients. I find it a good way to clear out the fridge and get rid of produce on the verge of expiration.

    1. I can see another win with your idea – making enough sandwiches at dinner time to pack in for lunch the next day. Any time you prepare enough food to use at additional meal times means at least one instance less that you have to be in the kitchen: time and energy saving.

  4. Cheese is my weakness 🙂 This is a completely Bee Approved meal 😉 Cuen and I love our mini picnic meals – bread, cheese, cold meats, pickles. Yum yum yum!!!

    1. Right? And if you throw Maru’s sandwiches into the mix, you’re able to prep lunch for work the next day, too, so another time and energy win, just like with your own one-pot #SmartCooking recipe!

  5. Now this is something we do well. We often have a cold platter for dinner. No cooking, delicious treats that you would normally save for a rainy day and no cleaning up afterwards! Love it.

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