Excuse Me While I Grinch

It’s THAT day again, where the world falls over itself to remind me that I am single.

I prefer to believe I am single because that is what I choose, but sometimes I wonder if I am single because, well, no one wants to be with me…and so, cue the self-pity party and the maudlin cuddling of my pillow, pretending it’s someone that wants to be there. In the really bad hours, I’ll even put on the Pitch Perfect movie, and eat Lindt chocolate in an aggressive and angry fashion.

Screw you, Valentine’s Day, for making me think my life is lacking! Screw you for forcing shit, overpriced tawdry rubbish down our throats in every shop and at every traffic light! Screw you for the promises of never-ending true love and knights on white chargers and doubly screw you for making me use clichés like that. Screw you for filling up my Facebook and Twitter with contrived saccharin noise that is the same meaningless drivel we see day to day, only with more hearts and less sincerity. Screw you!

But if that’s what the world wants, then here you go – have some more kittens and hearts for yourself, only this time, the sentiment is real.

Image courtesy of Google search
© Dave Luis 2015. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Yeah this year I too just wasn’t feeling it. Starting to hate the idea of having one particular day to be “loved” publicly and treated well. Why do you need a date set aside for it? It should be because you feel like doing it and want to do it for your partner.

    Also as you said, it just puts single people in the space, well some at least where they go – fork off already! Its not like all the advertising in the world is suddenly gonna make single people magically become unsingle right? 😛

    1. EXACTLY! Yuo can’t “advertise” me out of my single-ness, especially when being single is my choice, and then VD advertisers come along and make out like we are incomplete if we are single, like we need to be fixed.

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