We are all here, waiting for the event to start – me, you, people from years ago, like Maxine, and a bunch of folk I know from Twitter, like Christo and Taryn.

What is this event? Music? Movie? Party – what? I don’t know.

Is this the Sunny Park mall in PREToria – but aren’t we in Ballito now?

Why is Maxine wearing a giraffe’s hoofs? How do her feet fit in them? And why did she arrive in a car with three wheels that needs a deodorant can to hold its boot open?

So many questions.

Christo and Taryn are silent. Like ghosts: here, but just out of sight – I can remember them being here just a minute ago, but I can’t see them anymore. I shout out for them, but I am alone.

Where is everybody? What, even, is real?

And why can’t I sleep?

I don’t like ‘here’.

Please go to sleep.


© Dave Luis 2015. All Rights Reserved.


    1. They’re proper fearsome – I wake up from them completely dazed and confused. This one particularly because of the time frame the elements featured covers: I haven’t been in Sunny Park since ’99 and I haven’t seen Maxine since 2011. What is up with that?

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