It began, like many things do, as a bit of fun. I suggested a couple of topics to Mandy for her weekly blog; she responded by challenging me to publish in tandem, on the same topic.

We do not read each other’s posts nor talk about what we are writing, to each other. We see the other’s post at the same time as all of you do, at 14:00 on each Wednesday, when they go live.

First, we wrote “My Mother’s Hands” and the posts were warm and sentimental.

The second post was always going to be interesting, knowing Mandy – we wrote “A Walk In The Rain.” Both of us were blown away by the staggering synchronicity of the pieces, despite approaching the subject from opposite ends of the spectrum.

This creative exercise has drawn me in. I pitch so much of me into each piece, to do honour to the skill that a professional writer like Mandy has. Each new offering is a levelling up in story-telling. It is a beautiful tandem journey in blogging, through our own lives, and I am so thrilled to be investing myself in this next piece, due out tomorrow, 14:00 South African time.

Make a note.

Read our earlier pieces here:
My Mother’s Hands – Mandy Collins
My Mother’s Hands – Dave Luis

A Walk In The Rain – Mandy Collins
A Walk In The Rain – Dave Luis

© Dave Luis 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Image by Roya Miller at unsplash free images


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