I’m just over halfway through the #SmartCooking campaign and there have been some great, positive changes: I spend less time cooking and cleaning and use less electricity.

While it’s difficult to put a value on the electricity savings because we’re on a shared meter, logic dictates that as I’m using only one plate instead of two or three, and for no longer than I normally would, that my electricity usage must be far less.

Along the way I’ve picked up some great recipes and good tips and tricks from friends via the comments on my blogs.

Here’s a brief round up of the campaign so far:

  1. Join Me On An Energy Diet! #SmartCooking
  2. Friends Who Do #SmartCooking
  3. Hot Nights, Cold Suppers – A #SmartCooking Win
  4. Energy Saving Beyond The Kitchen – #SmartCooking
  5. Burnt Rice? Never Again With #SmartCooking
  6. Easy Grilled Steak And Potatoes The #SmartCooking Way

The biggest win for me has been a growing sense of doing something good for the environment by using less energy. It goes beyond reduced bills and less time spent in the kitchen. It’s simple, in the comfort of my own home – how can I not feel good about this?

Keep an eye out for the next installments.

© Dave Luis 2015. All Rights Reserved.


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