That’s #SmartCooking To Braai For!

I’m not the biggest fan of braais (that’s a BBQ to Americans, Australians and other aliens) at the best of times. Mind you – that’s not true – I am not a fan of making a braai myself. I am a huge fan of other people’s braais…

Other people in this case being my brother and sister-in-law who would make a braai for breakfast lunch and supper if they could. George and Lara have been following my smart cooking campaigns sent me a message last week, saying “Smart cooking? Why don’t you write about a braai? You use no electricity on a braai!” Of course they are right, but my little apartment and its little balcony are not built for even the smallest and unsmokiest of braais, even if I was inclined to braai a meal. But that doesn’t mean that George and Lara can’t braai, right?

Alright, clever clogs,” (my name for George when he is too-clever-by-half) “I challenge you to make a complete meal for a family of four on a braai, and invite me over!” George is almost as competitive as I am, and so wasted no time getting busy. He’s also almost as addicted to good food as I am, so I had no doubt he’d rise to the challenge.

Butternut stuffed with peas and feta
Butternut stuffed with peas and feta

Working together, George and Lara spent about 30 minutes preparing the food for the braai, and about 30 minutes cooking it on the fire. Here’s the simple menu they prepared:

  1. Rump and chicken wing skewers, rubbed with paprika, Aromat and mixed herbs
  2. Butternut stuffed with peas and feta and the spice mix
  3. Jacket potatoes, scored and rubbed with salt
  4. Garlic rolls – sliced and filled with onion, cheese and tomato

In addition, Lara threw together two cold salads for the table:

  1. Traditional Caprese salad which is simply mozzarella and tomato slices, topped with pesto (with added avocados, because that’s a HUGE favourite!)
  2. Simple layered cheese, onion and tomato (none of our salads feature lettuce – mostly because our mum overdid the lettuce thing when we were kids!)
Challenge accepted! Dinner for four made on the braai - no electricity required!
Challenge accepted! Dinner for four made on the braai – no electricity required!

George says the preparation time is around 30 minutes, and the total cooking time is the same. Once your coals are hot, place your stuffed butternut and potatoes (all individually wrapped in foil) on the fire, and once they go soft, you can put the meat and garlic rolls on to cook. It’s a good idea to ensure you have spare coals going, to keep the heat on.

They made a HUGE success of my challenge to them – the mouthwatering photos bear this out – and showed me that #SmartCooking on a braai is not the huge schlepp I always believed it to be.

Now just to work out how to travel the 1,600km to take them up on that dinner invite! Damn! I didn’t think this one through…

© Dave Luis 2015. All Rights Reserved.

I was prompted to write this as part of my effort to reduce my monthly bills and so I joined the #SmartCooking campaign as part of an energy efficiency drive. This is a sponsored post.


4 thoughts on “That’s #SmartCooking To Braai For!

  1. This was an awesome meal and even better…it was all done on a small braai, which costs no more than say R200 at your local hardware or outdoors store! 🙂 Big, fancy, expensive kettle or gas braais are not necessary to cook yourself an awesome meal!

  2. I am well aware of the exellent cooking skills of George. We use to think nothing about riding 40 to 50km to eat at George’s restuarant when he was at Dongola. Everthing look lovely and out of experience I know that it tasted great. Well done George and Lara!!

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