The final post in our first series of five tandem blogs will be published tomorrow.

Mandy and I seem to have left the most difficult title until last, because apparently we are not afraid of any writing challenge. Also – we put the ‘pro’ into procrastination!

Although this is the final title, we have decided that because we’re having so much fun that we’ll do a second series of five titles. We blog for the love of it – but – your comments and appreciation and likes and sharing of our blogs makes us feel warm and fuzzy, too. (That was a less-than-subtle hint – so, you know – get with the sharing, liking and commenting!)

Set your clocks to 14:00 tomorrow, when we’ll be publishing two separate pieces with the same title.

© Dave Luis 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Image by Daniel Bowman at unsplash free images.


2 thoughts on “Synchronicity. Or Not.

  1. For some reason, or maybe two or three, I love your blog. You have a shining personality. Oh, and I found out that you fence. Very exotic, if you ask me. You are making a name for yourself here. Yes sir. 🙂

    1. *blush* Ah, the giddy heights of fame! Thank you for all the love and compliments – it really makes my day to see your words on my blog posts! This is the biggest treasure reward to my writing!

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