Our first five tandem blogs were loads of fun to write, and Mandy and I have decided to do another run of five posts.

Every week, we take one title and each write a post to fit. We don’t see each other’s work until the posts go live at 14:00. 

Some titles have been challenging; all the posts have been deeply personal and so much fun to write. 

I can’t speak for Mandy, of course, but I feel like each week my writing gets better, more creative. I guess it’s just like regular exercise at the gym. I’m exercising my blogging muscles good and proper, pitching myself in this exercise against or rather with a professional writer like Mandy.

So, once again – set your reminders for 14:00 tomorrow, when the first posts of series two will be published! 

Read series one here:

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Image by Florian Klauer at unsplash free images.


2 thoughts on “Series II Starts Tomorrow! 

    1. We have such fun doing it! We start each series by compiling a list of 5 random titles, and I’ll admit some are quite challenging to write about!

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