A thousand years pass between thoughts. Nothing happens. Nothing. There is only the darkness and the infinite shades of black. The Light moves through the emptiness that offers no reflection, no acknowledgement.

A thousand years pass between thoughts and the Light glows brighter as a cloud of icy dust flares into diaphanous incandescent nothingness, melting as the hot Light passes through it. Onwards. The Light never stops, never rests.

A thousand years pass between thoughts. In the distance, a bright golden red ball of fire swings into view. The Light marvels at the tiny spinning rocks and balls of gas and ice that dance around the giant fireball.

A thousand years pass between thoughts. The Light swings by for another view of the glittering spectacle. She dives in on the tiny blue-green gem twirling across the fiery face of the giant: a tantalizing offering from the roiling red god.

A thousand years pass, filled with thoughts of her red-gold prince and his blue-green gem. The Light is in love! She arches back towards her incandescent suitor, dazzled by his coruscating smile. Racing towards his warm embrace, she knows she will die in one brilliant instant of blinding love, her journey of forever reaching its terminus. Onwards she plunges as the searing arms of his gravity reach out to pull her into her fiery death; she flares an exultant scream of brilliant white and dies.

On the surface of the blue-green gem, three storytellers witness her end and write her eternal legacy into the Spirit of their tiny world.

© Dave Luis 2015. All Rights Reserved.

This post is part of a tandem blogging exercise with Mandy Collins and Nick Frost. One title unwrapped by three storytellers. Read Mandy’s post here, and Nick’s post here. Please share your thoughts on our fun exercise in the comments on each post. 

Image by Vincentiu Solomon at unsplash free images.


6 thoughts on “Wandering Star

  1. Love it Dave, especially the breaking of the wall in the last line and the nod to the process – really stunning and Nick is a perfect addition to you and Mandy – really nice mix of styles and pictures and words… you are creating something great.

    Keep on
    love brett fish

    1. Thanks Brett – I think getting out our comfort zone and adding a writer of Nick’s caliber has been a brilliant move for me – it’s really going to stretch my writing styles. I have no doubt that Mandy will continue to wrestle superb pieces in tandem with Nick. And of course, next week, we add your piece in as the fourth, of a very brilliant writing quartet! Topic to follow tonight…

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